Calculation based on a root font-size of 16 pixel.

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Pixels (px) and root em (rem) are both units of measurement used in web development to define sizes, particularly for typography and layout. The difference between them lies in their relative values and how they are calculated.

Pixels (px): px is an absolute unit that represents the smallest unit of measure on a digital display. It corresponds to the individual dots (pixels) on the screen. px values do not change based on the user's browser settings or device properties.

Root em (rem): rem is a relative unit that is based on the font size of the root element (usually the <html> tag) of the document. The value of 1rem is equal to the font size of the root element. Subsequent rem values are calculated relative to this base font size.

To convert from rem to px , you need to know the base font size defined for the root element. By default, the base font size is typically 16 pixels (16px) in most browsers. If you have explicitly defined a different base font size using CSS, you should use that value for conversion.

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